John’s MIT degree in chemical engineering explains his detailed and methodical approach to coaching, which is crucial in any teaching capacity.  Coaching is not simply putting together a training program, but emphasizing a healthy lifestyle, balancing work and home life, and developing a love and respect for the sport.  His philosophy is to enable his athletes to better comprehend the “why” behind each training session so that each individual can ultimately use that knowledge to coach themselves.  It is imperative for any quality coach to understand their athletes so that they can encourage and support them through their mental and physical challenges during a training season.

Julia Mulnick – August 2015 


​You are very flexible with your time and quick with communication.  I felt like you were always a phone call away.  You are very committed to your job and I could tell that you did a ton of research on every aspect of a long distance race, especially with my nutrition.  I liked the weekly updates not only to the training each week but also the specific daily workouts (speed etc) and why I was doing specific workouts each week.  Of course my favorite thing about training with you was being able to actually go on rides together and especially seeing you on the race course.  I know you cannot do this with everyone as you grow your business and clients that travel far distances for races but I really enjoyed seeing you out there.

Meg Shearin - November 2015