Custom Coaching Packages

  • Setup & Assessment is a one time required service which includes:
    • Analysis of the athlete questionnaire and training/race history.
    • Testing in all disciplines including video analysis ​
    • Establishment of initial training zones. 
    • High level training plan by week for period up to your targeted race.
    • One hour session (in-person or phone) to discuss assessment findings, race selection, and preliminary training plan.
  • ​The Monthly Training Package  includes :
    • ​Daily training plan for current training block (typically 3 - 4 weeks) tailored to your current fitness level, needs, schedule, and constraints.
    • ​Detailed workouts for current week in format of your preference (Training Peaks - Basic Version, Excel, or Word). Workouts are created and adjusted each week based on results and your feedback from the prior week and your current schedule.
    • Periodic fitness testing as appropriate to your training plan. 
    • Unlimited e-mail communication and response to questions. Same day response is typical.
    • Phone, Skype, or Face-to-Face session to discuss progress, concerns, upcoming training / races, etc. - as requested by athlete or coach
    • Preparation for your targeted race  - checklist, logistics, race day fueling, pacing, strategy, and mental preparation. 
  • ​Annual Plan Discounts : After six consecutive months, the monthly cost is reduced by 10%.
  • Multiple Athletes : Ask about discounts for shared plans for more than one athletes.

Individual training sessions or additional consultations are available for $60 per hour. Discounts are available for multiple clients. 

Setup & AssessmentMonthly Cost
Running Only$75$115

To sign up or request additional information, please contact:


Individual Training Sessions